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September 26, 2017

NBCC rising to the challenge with new five-year plan

FREDERICTON –More students will have the opportunity to pursue their education at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) as a result of the College’s new five-year plan, Together We Rise. NBCC is aiming to welcome more than 10,000 learners each year by 2022.

The new strategic plan, NBCC’s second as a Board-governed Crown Corporation, is the result of nearly two years of discussions with NBCC students, staff and stakeholders.

"The Board of Governors collaborated with community leaders in our six College regions to define long-term outcomes for NBCC," said Paul Elliott, NBCC Board Chair. “From there, we invited the College community, our partners and the public to participate in a multi-faceted process. Together We Rise is the result of more than 4300 individual engagements."

NBCC LearnersTogether We Rise outlines three strategic goals for achieving NBCC’s vision of transforming lives and communities. By 2022, NBCC will:

  1. Welcome over 10,000 learners each year by 2022: Through more flexible programming which responds to diverse learner needs, NBCC intends to make full use of government allocated seats; increase apprenticeship by 5%; and double learner participation in specialized, customized and continuing education.
  2. Enrich the NBCC Advantage: In addition to job-specific skills, NBCC learners will have increased access to opportunities for life-long learning, entrepreneurship, community leadership, and applied research and innovation.
  3. Build its capacity to grow: Through investments in the development of employees, a focused continuous improvement approach and strong relations with valued partners, the College will increase opportunities for growth and improve effectiveness and efficiency.

"NBCC is a significant contributor to social and economic prosperity and, faced with the challenges of limited resources and declining population, there is no more important time for NBCC to act boldly," said Marilyn Luscombe, President and CEO of NBCC. "Together We Rise outlines NBCC's vision of success. Opening our doors as widely as possible not only enriches our College; it makes our Province stronger."

NBCC has outlined five inter-related strategies to align its efforts and will focus on six priority initiatives over the first two years of the plan (2017-2019).

Together We Rise was publicly-launched at NBCC’s Fredericton Campus at an event which was live-streamed across the College's six regions.

"It will take strong collaborations across the College and within our communities to achieve our ambitious goals," said Luscombe. "Together, I am certain that we will rise to the challenge."


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