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September 07, 2017

NBCC welcomes more international students than ever before

FREDERICTON – Historic numbers of international students were among the incoming students who kicked off a new year at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) this week.  While official enrolment numbers will be finalized in October, NBCC is on track to double its Fall 2016 enrolment of 105 international students.

“We are committed to bringing more newcomers and international students to our College and to New Brunswick,” said Rachel Gillespie, NBCC’s Vice-President of Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement.  “In 2016-2017, NBCC recorded historic first-year international student enrolment and a significant increase in international applications. In 2017-2018, we expect to welcome twice as many international students as in the previous year.”

The increase is the result of NBCC’s strategic investments in established and developing markets, leveraging Canada’s strong brand for top quality education.  

“NBCC representatives attended education fairs, worked with key influencers and increased our online presence, among other initiatives,” said Ryan Sullivan, NBCC’s Director of International Education.  “Our current students and alumni also act as ambassadors for the College which, in turn, leads to increased inquiries from prospective students around the world.”       

This year 36 countries will be represented among NBCC’s international student population.  Sullivan says this benefits both NBCC’s campuses and the broader communities. 

“By providing quality learning opportunities for international learners, we also increase our campuses’ global connections. Reaching beyond our borders enriches and diversifies communities large and small across NBCC’s six campus regions.”

Media contacts:
Melissa Wah, Communications Coordinator, NBCC