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Below are successes and experiences from some of our international students, alumni and services at the college!

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Vlad and Anastasiia

Vlad and Anastasiia

These two from Ukraine wanted to immigrate to Canada and saw education as their opportunity to do so. They both enrolled in programs at NBCC.

In 2016 Vlad and Anastasiia met on campus at an international student meeting.

Combining their previous education with an NBCC diplomas allowed them to employment after graduation with major high-tech firms in Fredericton.

Vlad and Anastasiia were able to secure employment in Canada with their PGWP as well give them the foundation to apply for their Permanent Residency via express entry.

Since living in New Brunswick they have gotten married and purchased a home in Fredericton.

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After two Master’s degrees, a Fulbright Scholarship, a 10-year career in communications technology and a 10-year stint at the American embassy, Silvia Moreno of Ecuador still felt she had more to learn. She was bringing up two children on her own, her job at the embassy had been eliminated and her sons wanted to study in Canada... [Click to read full story]

  Alumni Business Spotlight

Meet Ning Hou

An International and Hotel & Restaurant Operations alumni who originated from China and has put up roots in Millidgeville, New Brunswick with his traditional Chinese cuisine restaurant, Mimimi!

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A few short years ago, Keisha Peters was teaching high school students in her home country of Jamaica. Since then, a lot has happened – a new country, a new course of study and a new job, as an instructor at New Brunswick Community College’s Fredericton Campus... [Click to read full story]