Using Data Analytics to Optimize Sankara's Food Delivery Service

Research Area: Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing  | Status:  Ongoing| Led By: Researcher- and Student-led

The Challenge

Like many other meal box businesses, Sankara’s biggest challenge is food delivery. Yet the delivery challenge this online multicultural marketplace faces is especially complex in that it hosts many vendors and delivers to seven cities in the Atlantic provinces. Often delivery destinations are a considerable distance from the vendors, making flat delivery rates insufficient to cover costs. How best could food delivery be priced to stay competitive and profitable? Sankara wanted a better model to calculate delivery fees.

The Solution

Sankara connected with NBCC’s Centre for Applied Research in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing. Yu Ren, an NBCC Information Technology: Data Analytics student carried out the research with guidance from Dr. William McIver, Jr. The researchers used advanced data analytics techniques to make recommendations for technology and logistics. Beyond the primary aim of the research, Sankara was also advised on marketing strategies, quality control ideas, and other recommendations for business growth.

About the Collaboration

NBCC received funding support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), which enabled Sankara to access research and innovation support from NBCC related to this project. The Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing research team is continuing this delivery optimization research with funding from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF).

I really enjoyed this project. It was a great challenge and learning experience for me.

Yu Ren, NBCC Information Technology: Data Analytics student

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