NBCC Game Development Students Contribute to Environmental Sustainability

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Southeast Eco360 is part of the Southeast Regional Service commission and is dedicated to helping people manage waste and recyclables in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. Eco360 educates residential and commercial consumers about waste sorting, recycling, and other sustainable practices. The organization’s most recent initiative is to educate children and young adults of elementary, middle, and high school ages about waste management.

Eco360 teaches environmental consciousness to schoolchildren

Eco360 offers presentations on many different subjects related to the environment. To improve the engagement and make school students more interested in environmental change, Eco360 decided to create fun activities like games to teach waste sorting.   

NBCC Students Gain Industry Experience

While working with the industry partners, the students gained lots of experience and learned communication, project management, leadership, relationship building, and networking skills. Most importantly, the students experienced how teamwork operates beyond the classroom.

The Eco360 team consisted of Patrick Langis (Environmental Coordinator), Marc André Chiasson (Communications Officer), and Katie Robertson (Community Engagement Manager).

They were impressed with the NBCC students’ dedication to the project. Chiasson observed that they were willing to go above and beyond to make the project successful.

Because of Eco360’s experience with NBCC on this project, they are looking forward to partnering with the college in the future.

Eco360 Partners with NBCC for Game Development

Marc André Chiasson is the communications officer for Eco360. In his words, “we were looking for ways to educate the population of Southeast New Brunswick about waste sorting.” 

Scott Henwood, the head of the Applied Research and Innovation at NBCC contacted Norma MacLean, an instructor in the Game Development program at the Miramichi Campus. 

According to MacLean, this was an opportunity for the students to get some real-world game development experience. 

“During the Winter term of the Game Development program, students work in a game studio environment through a course called Production Process, to create, develop, manage, and produce their own video game. This proposal, to work with Southeast Eco360, was presented to the students, and they agreed to work with this organization to develop this game.”

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