Bioloid Humanoid Robot

This robot is premade and self-contained, but students Lina Thiperson, Jake Langille, and Brandon Ferguson took it a step further.

They were tasked with investigating the challenges of bipedal movement and developing a series of programs to demonstrate capabilities of a simple humanoid robot. The challenge here was to see if they could get the robot to walk up to a ball, bend down and pick it up. Attempting to balance a bipedal humanoid robot is something the students said is difficult but rewarding when they get it right.

“If you think about it, we as humans, it took us a lot of trial and error to learn to walk; fine tuning the control of the robot and lining it up so that it’s able to grab the ball appropriately. What they learned is some robotics is a whole lot of trying and failing. Failing is part of the educational process; it’s not a goal, but it’s part of the process,” instructor Joe Marriott said.