VIZWIK App Development Webinars by Agora Mobile

Interested in Mobile App development?
Want to learn more about coding, sharing and selling Apps?

You’re in luck. NBCC is pleased to host three Webinars (April 30, May 1, May 14) that will be webcasted to all six NBCC campuses. By partnering with Agora Mobile, participants will have the opportunity to delve into world of Apps using VIZWIK, an intuitive visual and social learning platform.

Who better to deliver these Webinars than the inventor of VIZWIK himself? Enter Simon Gauvin, the CEO of Agora Mobile. Through example-based learning, participants of all backgrounds can learn to build an App from the virtual ground up.

For NBCC students:

  • Following the Webinars, compete in a hackathon (May 14-30) and showcase your innovative Apps using VIZWIK. Popularity counts – the more users the better!
  • There’s more... Hackathon competitors could win a summer job with Agora Mobile! Show your App innovation, creativity and you could be the next summer 2015 intern who works with the team who created VIZWIK.

For NBCC faculty:

  • Think curriculum-design and the ability to further engage and monitor students as they learn about coding and creating Apps for any subject.

Webinar Summary

If you missed the Webinars or need a refresher, please visit this VIZWIK blog post for a complete Webinar Summary which includes links to the SlideShare presentations below.

VIZWIK Webinar Part 1
VIZWIK Webinar
VIZWIK Webinar Part 3