Part-Time or Transfer Application


Part-time course(s), Transfer or Re-entry/Late-entry (PARTL) applications have reopened for online submission. Please note we are still experiencing delays in processing applications and we will not be giving out positions on the wait list to candidates. Only applicants who are presented with an offer will be contacted.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this challenging time.
Note: This process is NOT intended for anyone who is applying to start one of our programs. Visit for a complete list of our programs and Continuing Education courses.

PARTL is an application process for individuals who are looking to access the following options within our programs (upon seat availability):

  • Part-time
  • Audit
  • Re-Entry
  • Campus or Program Transfer
  • Late-Entry


  • Applicants must meet the admission requirements for the program to which they are applying. Visit for admission requirements.
  • Complete applications are processed on a first qualified admission model.
  • Applicants requesting transfers or late/re-entry are only allowed two campus selections.
  • Accepted Part-time, Audits, Transfers or Late/Re-Entry applicants may only be admitted up to the end of the second week of classes.
  • When a seat becomes available, the successful applicant will be notified by the Registrar's Office.
  • Tuition and fees for transfers or late/re-entry are due at the same time as those for full-time students.
  • Part-time tuition and fees are charged by credit; and must be paid prior to attending class.
  • Full-time students are subject to regular fees and due dates as per the student fee schedule.
  • Audit rates are 50% of credit fee rate and are due prior to attending class.
  • Tuition and fees may be subject to change.
  • There is no fee for a PARTL application.
  • If you require additional direction, or have any questions about the PARTL application process, you can speak with someone in the Academic Department. If you are unsure of who to contact, please call 1-833-592-6222 or email

PARTL Application Process

Refer to the following for a brief description of each category and a link to the respective application:

The Part-Time and Additional Courses Application is to be used when applying for an individual course(s) or adding courses to your current course load. For example, if you need to re-take a course in your program you would use this application. All course pre-requisites must be met.

NOTE: If seeking courses only delivered in the first term of a program, the majority of the time you will need to apply to the program through College Admissions Service to access a seat and will not be able to use this application process.


Applicants wish to sit in on classes for general interest or as a refresher. No credit or transcript is awarded, individual does not participate in class, write exams, or receive marks. No documentation is required for auditing a course.


Applicants are returning full-time to a program in which they have previously completed at least the first term.

NOTE: It is imperative that once a Re-Entry application has been approved, the student needs to meet with the Academic Department to confirm they are full-time (this is especially important if the student intends to apply for a student loan).


Applicants are current students that want to:

  • transfer to a different campus (same program), or
  • transfer to a different program (same campus). The programs must have common courses. For example, Business Administration: Accounting to Business Administration: Marketing


Applicants will have studied at NBCC previously and exempted, successfully completed, or be in the process of successfully completing, at least the first term of a different program where the courses are common. This application is also available to those students applying with advanced placement/standing. Click here to view a list of our full-time programs and confirm the program you are considering has an advanced placement option.

NOTE: It is imperative that once a Late Entry application is approved, the student needs to meet with the Academic Department to confirm they are full-time (this is especially important if the student intends to apply for a student loan).