Applied Social Media in Business

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Saint JohnSep 26 - Oct 17, 2018Wed 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Course Overview

The role of a manager has drastically changed over the past few years, and the job requirement of Social Media Expert has come into play. Attending these workshops can be a benefit to both Manager, Staff and at the end of the day, help your company move forward. Even companies who already have a Facebook presence could benefit from the tips and tricks on how to effectively network and utilize the tools available to you.

Creating a streaming brand image on social media can be tricky and time consuming, however, learning the tools of the Marketing Trade can help you set the dial on social media time management. It is essential to today’s Businesses to keep up with Social Media Marketing as the trends change at a fast rate, but there are ways to slow it down and craft your way through without feeling overwhelmed.

  • How can I effectively promote My Business On Facebook?
  • What are some Tips For Gaining More Followers On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?
  • What is a Hashtag, and how do I create one?
  • What does the term “Trending” Mean, and how can I keep up?
  • What is a Brand Engagement, and how can my company benefit from it?
  • What is Google Analytics and would it help me grow my business?
  • How would a YouTube Channel work as a Social Media Marketing tool for my business?
  • How would Trending Social Media Advertising Sites be a value to my business?
  • Is it plausible to pay for Online Marketing?
  • Coping With Copyright? How To Legally Use and protect your Images In Your Social Media Campaigns

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