Seats Available for International Students

NBCC has seats reserved for International Students in select programs. See below for a current listing of programs with seats available for International Students.*

Updated May 16, 2018

Accounting and Payroll AdministrationMiramichi, WoodstockFall 2018
Administrative Professional: French Second Language TrainingMiramichiFall 2018
Building Engineering Technology: ArchitecturalMonctonFall 2018
Building Engineering Technology: Building SystemsMonctonFall 2018
Building Engineering Technology: Construction ManagementMonctonFall 2018
Building Engineering Technology: StructuralMonctonFall 2018
Business Administration: Insurance and Risk ManagementMonctonFall 2018
Business Administration: Investment ManagementMonctonFall 2018
Business Administration: ManagementSt. Andrews, WoodstockFall 2018
CarpentryMiramichi, St. Andrews, WoodstockFall 2018
Civil Engineering Technology: Highway and MunicipalMonctonFall 2018
CNC MachiningMonctonFall 2018
CookMonctonFall 2018
Electrical: ConstructionSt. AndrewsFall 2018
Electrical Engineering TechnologySaint JohnFall 2018
Electronics Engineering TechnologyMoncton, Saint JohnFall 2018
Energy Systems TechnologySaint JohnFall 2018
Fuels TechnicianSaint JohnFall 2018
Hotel and Restaurant OperationsSt. AndrewsFall 2018
Human ServicesMiramichiFall 2018
HVAC: Sheet Metal FabricationMonctonFall 2018
Information Technology: Electronic Game DevelopmentMiramichiFall 2018
International Travel and TourismSt. AndrewsFall 2018
MachinistMoncton, Saint JohnFall 2018
Marine Diesel MechanicsSt. AndrewsFall 2018
Motor Vehicle Body Repairer and PainterSaint JohnFall 2018
PlumbingWoodstockFall 2018
Steel FabricationMoncton, Saint JohnFall 2018
Truck and Transport Service TechnicianMoncton, WoodstockFall 2018
WeldingSt. AndrewsFall 2018
Welding and Metal FabricationMiramichiFall 2018

* Seat availability is updated weekly. Depending on the volume of applications received between reports, programs with open seats may be full. Consult Admission Requirements for more details on this process. For additional information on program availability, contact International Education Office or the College Admissions Service.

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