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Program Overview

Academic Studies is your opportunity to complete high school courses without the hassle. You can polish your transcript by upgrading subjects such as science and math, or finally earn your diploma. Courses are equivalent to Grade 11 and 12 level classes across New Brunswick high schools. If you need to complete a prerequisite before applying to the post-secondary education institution of your choice, Academic Studies is a perfect first step.


Courses are offered on a continuous intake or twice a year depending on the delivery campus.

Admission Requirements

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  • The high school program of studies at the Grade 9/10 level or the equivalent through a recognized adult educational activity.

    Career Possibilities

    These courses may lead directly to a variety of career opportunities that require a high school diploma, or in many cases will prepare you for additional educational opportunities in a variety of post-secondary educational institutions, including NBCC.

    What you will learn

    • Biology 112
    • Biology 122
    • Chemistry 112
    • Chemistry 122
    • Foundations of Mathematics 110
    • Foundations of Mathematics 120
    • Pre-Calculus 110
    • Pre-Calculus 120A
    • Pre-Calculus 120B
    • Calculus 120
    • Physics 112
    • Physics 122

    Specific Considerations

    Availability of courses may vary from campus to campus. Contact your local NBCC campus for details. Certain subject areas may require prior completion of specific prerequisite courses. Testing may be required to determine proper placement.

    Disclaimer: This web copy provides guidance to prospective students, applicants, current students, faculty and staff. Although advice is readily available on request, the responsibility for program selection ultimately rests with the student. Programs, admission requirements and other related information is subject to change.

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