International Travel and Tourism

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St. AndrewsSeptember 2018

Program Overview

International Travel and Tourism professionals know that personal growth starts with fresh scenery and a sense of adventure. They explore new social, geographical, and cultural terrains. Our program combines classroom work, industry attachments, practical work experience and international travel. While most other travel and tourism programs include a branded packaged tour for their students, this innovative program sees you researching, developing, and facilitating an international tour of your own design. You'll gain marketing and sales skills to develop and implement tourism destination products in the areas of sport, culture, adventure, entertainment, recreation, food, education, and history. International Travel is both a science and art; experts are needed to fulfill dreams today.

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The requirements for this certificate program may be achieved within one academic year of full-time study.

Admission Requirements

    Profile A

  • High School Diploma or Adult High School Diploma or GED Diploma of High School Equivalency

    (NB Francophone High School Math Equivalencies)

    Career Possibilities

    Upon graduation, you will be prepared to begin a career with companies attracting, or doing business with international clients. You will also be prepared for employment in the hospitality, tourism and recreation industries. Careers as travel sales consultants, cruise and leisure travel advisors, worldwide reservation consultants, visitor information counsellors, event planning coordinators, tour guides, meeting and convention coordinators, corporate travel consultants, customer relations specialists, travel wholesale brokers and international destination marketing specialists and entrepreneurs await you.

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    NOC Codes

    0621 - Retail and wholesale trade managers
    1453 - Customer Service, Information and Related Clerks
    6411 - Sales and account representatives – wholesale trade (non-technical)
    6431 - Travel Counsellors
    6441 - Tour and Travel Guides

    What you will learn

    • Tourism
    • Travel Counselling
    • Tour Guiding and Interpretation
    • Customer Service and Sales
    • Business Planning
    • Communication and Writing
    • Airline and Surface Transportation
    • Marketing
    • Travel and Tourism Policy and Procedures
    • Destination Geography
    • Travel Itineraries
    • Presentation Skills

    Specific Considerations

    From day one of the program, students are engaged in researching, developing and implementing a course-based capstone project in which students travel to an international destination to experientially test a unique travel product they create. By travelling to their chosen destination(s) and participating in activities they plan, students evaluate their own product. Students experience significant personal and professional growth and development. The capstone project will integrate the learning achieved throughout the program. The associated fee for meeting the requirements of the capstone project/course is $2,500 which is due Oct 1st each academic year. Applicants are advised to inform associated funding agencies of this additional program cost.

    The International Travel and Tourism program is a "Learning Integrated Virtually Everywhere" (L.I.V.E.) program that requires the use of a notebook computer as part of the learning experience. Your notebook computer should meet minimum technical specifications to ensure the software required for your program operates effectively. See here for more information: L.I.V.E. (Learning Integrated Virtually Everywhere).

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