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WoodstockJanuary 2018

Program Overview

Bricklayers are skilled physical workers who have a talent for precision. They often work outdoors, with their hands and a number of tools, to properly construct a project. You’ll learn techniques for reading blueprints, cutting, mortar, wall building, masonry repair, rigging and scaffolding. Every day on the job site, bricklayers are rewarded with the opportunity to see exactly how their work is progressing. As the construction industry continues to grow, skilled masonry professionals are in high demand.


The requirements for this certificate may be achieved within one half year of full-time study.

Admission Requirements

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  • High School Diploma or Adult High School Diploma or GED Diploma of High School Equivalency

    (NB Francophone High School Math Equivalencies)

    Career Possibilities

    Upon the successful completion of this training, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain employment as apprentices with residential and commercial building companies. We offer you the knowledge, skills and experience to become a Bricklayer or Mason.

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    NOC Codes

    7281 - Bricklayers
    7282 - Concrete finishers
    7611 - Construction trades helpers and labourers

    What you will learn

    • Workplace Safety
    • Fall Protection/Fall Arrest
    • Industry Standards and Regulations
    • Bricklaying Tools and Equipment
    • Morter and Repair Techniques
    • Masonry Construction Materials
    • Wall Construction - Leads
    • Concrete Block Construction
    • Laying Brick in Block
    • Constructing Various Walls
    • Work Practicum

    Specific Considerations

    Students registered in this program should be in good physical condition, with the endurance to lift and move heavy objects repeatedly, have good hand-eye coordination and motor skills; and be able to work at heights.

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