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  • Struggling in a subject
  • Need help with written assignments
  • Need more course review
  • Require assistance preparing for exams
  • Want to learn a different approach to studying

NBCC offers various tutoring services that can help.

NBCC’s Tutoring Services - Options

Find a Tutor on TutorMe

Every NBCC student can receive up to 3 hours of tutoring per week (hours reset every Sunday at midnight) - FREE. TutorMe can be accessed through the homepage of your BrightSpace account, on the navigation bar.

NBCC TutorMe is an on-demand tutoring service which enables you to connect with an online tutor in less than 30 seconds, 24/7. TutorMe offers highly qualified tutors from the best universities across the globe ready to help. It doesn’t matter if you want help with a single problem or need a 3-hour lesson.

Note: In some cases, you may be eligible to receive additional paid hours from NBCC; however, obtaining access requires the recommendation from a Learning Strategist. Additional TutorME hours can also be purchased through the platform at the student’s expense.

Learning Circles (small group tutoring)

Learning Circles are topic-specific sessions coordinated by members of the Academic Coaching & Learner Services team. These sessions may be led by peer or professional tutors, that are intended to assist multiple students who are experiencing common challenges in a specific course or related to a particular learning barrier such as study skills or time management.

Learning Circles are FREE and students can attend as often as they wish. Please note that we are not always able to find suitable tutors for every course/program area, and session offerings are dependent on our ability to do so.

Peer Tutoring

NBCC may also provide one-to-one peer tutoring under specific circumstances, and typically when there is a documented or underlying learning disability/learning barrier where TutorMe or group sessions do not support a student’s learning needs. As noted above, we cannot guarantee a suitable tutor can be found and availability can be limited.

To be a Peer Tutor:

  • Must be a strong student overall academically
  • Possess a High School GPA (3.3) or B+ average or higher (if applying as a year one student)
  • College/University GPA (3.3) or B+ average or higher in related subjects
  • Peer Tutors are paid $12.50 an hour.

How Can I Apply for a Tutor/Become a Tutor?

Visit our Library Services page, and/or submit the following form:


To Learn more about our Tutoring Services

You can learn more about any of our tutoring services or connect with your designated Strategist by program by visiting the Connect with Us section on or email