Strategic Plan

Our Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Vision
Transforming Lives and Communities

Our Purpose
We are a collaborative, learner-centred college – creatively contributing to social and economic prosperity through applied learning.

Our Values
Together We Rise not only by what we do, but also by how we do it. We make a difference every day through a common set of values that guide our relationships, our decision-making, our actions and our accountability.

We learn together to...

Nurture a culture of belonging
We embrace diversity and inclusion. We welcome the individual experiences and perspectives of our learners, our staff and our partners. We aim to ensure that everyone feels valued and has opportunities to add value.

Embrace innovation
We know the value of curiosity and creativity. We strive to unleash it in our students and we expect it of ourselves. We value new ways of meeting challenges and seizing opportunities.

Encourage, engage and inspire
We love what we do. We create collective pride in and for our College as we build our reputation for life-changing learning experiences. We lead with respect, courage and empathy.

Develop strong relationships
We create new opportunities to serve learners, communities and each other. We are integral to the success of New Brunswick and beyond. We encourage extraordinary collaboration throughout our College and with our broader communities.

Lead with integrity
We take pride in our collective accountability. We do what we say we will do. We are never satisfied. We constantly strive to exceed expectations.