Hospitality and Tourism

Are you the host with the most? Our one- and two-year Hospitality and Tourism programs can take your passion for cuisine, hospitality, events or travel and transform it into a rewarding career in a dynamic field.

  • Work in local industry or in other exciting destinations exploring new sights and flavours.
  • Our culinary-oriented programs provide you with the opportunity to train in a professional kitchen setting.
  • Our tourism-oriented programs provide you with the opportunity to learn through class travel experiences as well as post-graduate study abroad programs with partnering educational institutions.
  • Depending on the program, there may be opportunities for accreditation both provincially and nationally and/or external certifications upon meeting the external agencies’ certification requirements.

Career Possibilities

  • Cook
  • Executive Chef
  • Catering Chef
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Travel Sales Consultant
  • Visitor Information Counsellor
  • Tour Guide
  • Customer Relations Specialist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Festival, Conference or Event Planner
  • Meeting, Tradeshow or Convention Planner
  • Cruise and Leisure Travel Advisor

We have a wonderful partnership with NBCC. Every year we have students join us for their work practicums. Generally, these students are hired to stay on and work throughout our busy summer season because they have been trained and are prepared to provide outstanding customer service. NBCC students have the drive to excel in their roles and progress their careers. This must be instilled in them by their instructors. A graduate of NBCC myself, I can attest for the amazing supportive teaching styles at NBCC. A place you feel at home and then leave ready for the next step in your career.

Hannah McGeeHuman Resource Generalist - Algonquin Resort