Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology

Power up your career with our two-year Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology programs. You’ll learn about installing, configuring and operating electrical and electronic systems and machinery of all types and sizes. Leave prepared for a career that is challenging, complex and rewarding in a variety of industries.

  • Obtain a specialized focus and set of skills to work in one of the many facets of the electrical and electronics engineering industry.
  • Many programs provide the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills through an industry work placement or senior project in your final semester.
  • Programs are accredited nationally and recognized provincially for professional certification.
  • Explore the possibility of receiving credit towards an engineering degree from various universities.
  • Potential to acquire external certifications upon meeting the external agencies’ certification requirements and paying membership fees.
  • Further specialization available

Career Possibilities

  • Engineering Technologist
  • Customer Support Technician
  • CAD Operator
  • Maintenance Technologist
  • Technical Sales Specialist
  • Drafting Technologist

Upon graduating I entered the work force with the academic and practical skills required to get my career rolling. The professional staff, many of whom had spent the majority of their careers in industry, were as much mentors as they were instructors. I found the off-topic and out of curriculum advice every bit as important as the class room and lab sessions. As one instructor put it ‘some of the best education you can get at NBCC is the stuff you don’t pay for’ and early on in my career both educations paid off. As my career continues to progress, I have had the pleasure of working with and hiring other NBCC graduates, all of whom possess a great deal of confidence and competence in their roles.

Jeffrey WeeksPTech, Systemair Inc., Alumni - Electrical Engineering Technology (Alternate Energy Systems)