Flexible Delivery

Flexible Delivery

We appreciate that all learners have different needs and schedules. If you are not able to attend classes full-time on campus, but still want to pursue a college credential, a flexible delivery of one of our programs might be a good fit. We are developing flexible delivery options for our regular, full-time NBCC programs, so you can balance work and personal commitments while earning a certificate or diploma. Depending on the program, you will complete your studies in a variety of delivery modes, including on campus, online and blended.

For more information on each Flexible Delivery option, click the Program link below.

Digital Badges

Nowadays, you can learn anywhere and everywhere. However, even though you have more opportunities for learning, you still need formal recognition for your skills and knowledge. Digital badges are a new way to recognize and share industry-recognized, employment-focused credentials that prove your employability and technical skills.

When you earn an NBCC digital badge, you can attach it to your resume, LinkedIn page, Facebook or Twitter account, and share it anywhere online where a prospective employer may see it. Each digital badge is associated with an image and some metadata (coded information about how you achieved and demonstrated the skills the badge certifies). The badges are clickable, linking through to where they are officially stored. This allows employers to see the details of your skills and competencies easily and verify their authenticity.

With a digital badge, you can be confident in demonstrating your value to employers more easily than with a traditional resume. You can collect badges and group them into collections for specific career opportunities or to progress in your role. You can even stack badges into larger credentials, such as a Diploma, or transfer your experience into another college program.

Digital badges provide you with more control over your learning and open multiple paths to you. You can decide which skills to build, when to study, and your next steps after achieving a badge. Because you can obtain a digital badge faster than a traditional certificate or diploma, you will have much more flexibility in how you manage your lifelong learning.

Program/course schedule subject to change based on enrollment