Continuing Education

Educational Assistant

 Delivery: Part-Time Online |  Credential: Certificate

Educational Assistant courses provide an opportunity for working professionals in the education sector, or those with an interest in the field, to develop knowledge and skills students while earning college credits. Students may complete one or several courses in areas of interest, or they may complete program requirements part-time over two or more years to graduate with a certificate.

Admission Requirements

Important: Students who intend to complete the entire program must contact Continuing Education to announce their intention no later than November 1st of the academic year they plan to graduate.

Please Note: Regardless of courses completed, students must meet the Educational Assistant program admission requirements, including high school graduation or GED, to graduate from the EA certificate program. (Individuals for whom English is not a first language may need to meet NBCC language requirements.)

Course Schedule (Suggested Learning Path)

Online Educational Assistant courses follow a schedule and must be completed in the allotted time. For those who wish to complete all courses, the following two-year learning path is recommended.

Register at least five (5) business days before a course starts.

Take up to two courses at a time to complete all requirements in two years.

Year 2
(Click Course Name for more details and to register)

* Returning students will take the Elementary Practicum instead of Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom EDUE1082G, which will not be offered this year. Schedule change is in response to the pandemic.


Financial Assistance

Courses towards completion of this program online through continuing education may be eligible for part-time student loans.

For more information and to apply, please review the PART-TIME STUDENT LOAN AND GRANT APPLICATION form (see “Instructions to the Applicant” on page 5 for steps to follow).

Note: Program requirements may be subject to change