Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

 Delivery: Part-Time Online |  Credential: Diploma

All courses in this post-certificate diploma program are available online through NBCC Continuing Education. Take individual courses or several courses to achieve a “badge.” Complete all 4 badges to complete the program and graduate with an NBCC diploma.

Complete all 4 badges to complete the program:

  • Diversity & Inclusiveness (SOCI1046, EDUE1125, EDUE1129)
  • Play and Curriculum (EDUE1127, EDUE1124, EDUE1130)
  • Leadership and Advocacy (PERS1248, EDUE1129, PERS1249)
  • Administration (EDUE1128)

Admission Requirements

Certificate in Early Childhood Education. (All registrants are required to show proof of an approved certificate in the first 25% of their first course.)

Course Schedule (Suggested Learning Path)

Continuing education is offered on a part-time basis. Students may complete up to 180 hrs (4 credits) of study per term. Select courses you want or follow the recommended two-year learning path below.

Online courses follow a schedule and all work must be completed in the allotted timeframes.

Register at least five (5) business days before the scheduled start. Spaces may be limited.

Returning Students
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FallEDUE1130 - Outdoor Play and Nature
FallPERS1248 - Leadership from Within
WinterEDUE1129 - Advocacy in Early Learning and Childcare
WinterPERS1249 - Leading through Relationships
SpringEDUE1128 - Early Learning and Childcare Administration


Financial Assistance

Courses towards completion of this program online through continuing education may be eligible for part-time student loans.

For more information and to apply, please review the PART-TIME STUDENT LOAN AND GRANT APPLICATION form (see “Instructions to the Applicant” on page 5 for steps to follow).

Note: Program requirements may be subject to change