Visas, Permits, and Immigration

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It is your own decision whether or not to use and education agent or consultant. Agents cannot guarantee you admission to NBCC, nor can they guarantee a temporary resident visa, a study permit, or immigration to Canada. It is the sole responsibility of the student and his or her family to appropriately understand the services that agents provide and whether or not they constitute lawful advice.

Immigration Advice

All agents offering or delivering immigration or temporary residency advice in exchange for a fee are required to be authorized by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) or are lawyers authorized by a Canadian Provincial Law Society.

If you conceal the use of an agent who gives you assistance with your study permit in exchange for a fee you can have your study permit application rejected and be barred from entering Canada on charges of misrepresentation. Misrepresentation by an agent and counselling students to commit misrepresentation are serious crimes in Canada.

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