NBCC Student Travel and Self-Isolation

We look forward to welcoming you to New Brunswick and to NBCC! As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some important protocols that students must follow to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of the virus, including undertaking a mandatory 14-day self-isolation period immediately upon arrival in New Brunswick.

In addition to self-isolating, you must provide Canadian Border Services and/or Public Safety with a plan. Failure to present a self-isolation plan might result in being denied entry into the country and/or province. Government authorities may also fine students for noncompliance in certain situations.

Please review the NBCC Travel and Self-Isolation Guide prior to submitting your self-isolation plan. 


Self Isolation Plan

Student Information

Personal Information


Arrival to Canada

The Canadian  government now requires all air travelers, including international students, to complete a COVID-19 PCR test at their port-of-entry into Canada and remain at that location for up to three nights in a government approved hotel before travelling to their final destination.  You can learn more about this process at this link: COVID-19 mandatory hotel stopover: Booking and list of government-authorized hotels - Canada.ca 

If you are travelling from inside Canada, please put N/A in every box and select Land Border (driving) under Port of Entry.


(country where travel commenced)

Arrival to New Brunswick

If you are arriving in New Brunswick by car, please input your anticipated arrival date and indicate that you will be travelling by car in all other boxes.


Self-Isolation Location in New Brunswick

Upon arrival in New Brunswick, all travelers are required to self-isolate for 14 days in a location that meets all requirements as outlined by the provincial and federal governments.

(ie. hotel name, type of accommodation)

Commitment to this Plan

Note: Spring 2021 Intake guard.me coverage for international students begins on April 8th, 2021. To arrange pre-arrival insurance through guard.me, click here

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