International Applicants

Before you start the online application process, please read the following checklist items carefully to help ensure you have everything you need.

Important: Please check Seats Available for International Students before applying
When your application is considered complete
It is important to note applications are considered complete and date/time stamped as such when the application fee is received AND all official required documentation is received by the College Admissions Service (CAS) to meet entrance requirements.


You will need to be prepared to pay electronically in order to complete your application. We accept the following payment methods:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Debit with the following banks: TD, Scotia, BMO, RBC


What type of information will I need to have at my fingertips when applying?

  • Program details: Please ensure to research what program(s) you want to apply for prior to starting the application process
    • Write down the official program name
    • Write down when it’s being offered (Start dates: ex: Fall 2019)
    • All this information can be found on our web site under full-time programs
  • Personal and contact information (address, phone, email address, etc. - it will be important for you to provide an active e-mail address since many important communication pieces will be sent to you by e-mail )
  • Emergency Contact information: Personal and Contact Information
  • High School Information
    • Name of your High School and the dates attended (e.g.: September 1995 to June 1998)
    • Most recent High School Transcript - You will need to send us an official copy of your High School Transcript by Mail in order to complete your application (We will accept original notarized copies and official copies sent directly from your high school)
  • Post-Secondary Information
    • Name of the institution you attended
    • Years attended
    • Level achieved
    • Years of partial completion (e.g.: attended 1 year at University)
    • Copy of your Post-Secondary Transcript -  You can also send us an official copy of your post-secondary transcript by mail to our admission centre in order for us to consider your post-secondary courses (We will accept original notarized copies and official copies sent directly from your institution)
  • Be prepared to keep notes since you will need to refer to these in the future:
    • You will be asked to create a password
    • You will be asked to provide answers to qualifying questions (Generic security questions)

Application Process

The application process is simple and easy to navigate

  • You have the option to save your current status of your application at any time and return to complete at a later time if you are interrupted or need to gather some information
  • You can always return to a section you partially completed earlier by going to the main menu and return to the appropriate category
  • Throughout the application, clicking the "?" icon at the top of each section will provide additional information for that section.
  • When searching for a program during the application process you will be asked to identify the term associated to the program you are looking for (Ex: Fall 2017). You can then proceed by searching...
    • by entering the campus name (providing you with a complete list of program offerings for the campus you identified for a specific term)
    • by entering the official program name (for a specific term)
State of Maine Applicants: If you are applying from Maine, USA, please visit the Maine Students page before starting your application process.

Important: Please check Seats Available for International Students before applying
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