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MiramichiSeptember 2018
MonctonSeptember 2018
Saint JohnSeptember 2018
St. AndrewsSeptember 2018
WoodstockSeptember 2018

Program Overview

Carpentry is a performance-driven career. Carpenters work with their hands to construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures for residential and light commercial use. In addition to practical skills such as framing walls, siding and drywall installation, constructing wooden forms for pouring concrete, and erecting scaffolding, you’ll also learn about codes, standards, and quality concepts that apply to carpentry. As experts in home and business improvement, carpenters are called upon to make dreams possible and lives easier and more enjoyable.


The requirements for this certificate program may be achieved within one academic year of full-time study.

Admission Requirements

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  • High School Diploma or Adult High School Diploma or GED Diploma of High School Equivalency

    (NB Francophone High School Math Equivalencies)

    Career Possibilities

    As a graduate, you may find employment with general contractors, interior and exterior sub-contractors or framing contractors. You will be prepared for entry-level work with small or large residential or commercial construction companies.

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    NOC Codes

    7271 - Carpenters
    7272 - Cabinetmakers
    7291 - Roofers and shinglers
    7611 - Construction trades helpers and labourers

    What you will learn

    • Workplace Safety
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Wood and Wood Products
    • Non-Wood Products
    • Fasteners/Adhesives, Sealants/Fillers
    • Concrete Place, Finish and Cure
    • Building Envelope
    • National Building Code
    • Site Layout
    • Footing Forms
    • Wall Forms
    • Beams and Supports
    • Floor Framing
    • Wall and Partition Framing
    • Roof Construction
    • Interior and Exterior Stairs
    • Drafting, Sketching and Blueprint Reading
    • Access and Temporary Structures
    • Workplace Essential Skills (use technology, math, teamwork, environmental protection, solve problems)

    Specific Considerations

    This occupation requires physical fitness, good coordination, and strong math skills, including geometry, algebra and some trigonometry. The hours of work may be irregular and may include shift work, weekends, and holidays.

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