Frequently Asked Questions for International Study at NBCC

Are library services available?
Are there scholarships or financial aid available?
Can I apply through an agent in my country?
Can I work in Canada?
Does NBCC have international student service representatives?
Does New Brunswick accept international driver’s licenses?
How do I apply?
How do I get a visa?
How long does it take to get a Study Permit?
Is there medical insurance and access to hospitals close by?
Post graduate Work Permit
What are the options for housing/residence?
What is the cost of tuition at NBCC?
What is the deadline for submitting applications?
What is the ranking of NBCC?
What is the weather like in New Brunswick and what is the recommended clothing?
What kind of transportation is available and what are the hours of operation?
What programs are offered at NBCC?
What services are available in the communities and on the campuses?
When should accepted students arrive in Canada?