Health and Dental Insurance

Comprehensive Approach to Health and Dental Insurance

The Province of New Brunswick, NBCC and the Council of Student Executives of New Brunswick Community College have worked to provide students of the College a comprehensive approach to Health and Dental insurance.

Province of New Brunswick Medicare Program

Effective September 1st 2017, the Government of New Brunswick announced Medicare will be made available to full-time international students who are studying at New Brunswick post-secondary institutions. Domestic students are already enrolled in the program and need take no further action.

International students must apply for this coverage through the Province directly: Details on the application process will be posted on the Department of Health’s Medicare website.

NBCC Basic Health Insurance (international students only)

All international students will be charged $300 for their first Academic Term to ensure coverage while they apply to the Province’s Medicare Program (or in the event they are denied for any reason).

Students who have not obtained proof of New Brunswick Medicare coverage by the "Last Day to Opt Out of Student Health and Dental Plan with proof of coverage" found on the Academic Calendar will be charged an additional $300 for the second term.

NBCC Emergency Health Insurance (international students only)

New Brunswick Medicare Program coverage will not extend to coverage outside of New Brunswick or Canada. All international students are therefore automatically enrolled in a mandatory emergency health insurance plan for their first Academic Term. The cost is included in the $300 charge noted above. The insurance is valid from as early as September 1st ending August 31st of the year subscribed. Insurance policy details can be found on the Guard Me Canada website.

This insurance includes emergency health services coverage for international students travelling outside of New Brunswick and Canada. Travel is limited to 30 days or less except for USA which is limited to 15 days or less. The student’s home country is excluded.

CSE Supplemental Health & Dental

The Council of Student Executives of New Brunswick Community College held a successful referendum of the students to establish a Health and Dental Insurance program. This plan provides extended health and dental benefits for each full-time NBCC student (i.e. both domestic and international) at a cost of $265 per year.

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