Student Counselling

Transition Services

NBCC recognizes that students are under a lot of pressure. Pressure to perform academically and pressure to ultimately make a good life for themselves. With so many choices, it's easy to feel confused when it comes to picking a career path. Career Counselling - through a series of assessments and advising sessions – can help guide you towards making the best decision for you. Connect with one of our Career & Wellbeing Counsellors today.

Wellbeing Services

Many students experience difficulties from time to time during their studies and may choose, or be referred to, NBCC’s Wellbeing Services. A growing number of students grapple with sleep and mood disorders; anxiety, stress, depression and, for some, more serious mental illnesses. While numerous students are able to address these worries as they emerge, many continue to struggle. Our Career & Wellbeing Counsellors can help. They’ll provide short-term counselling and link you to appropriate support and services in the community to access as needed.

Career & Wellbeing Counsellors

FrederictonKevin Culberson (acting)(506)
MiramichiJanet Daigle(506)

Kim Schaschl
Renelle Girouard

(506) 856-2222
(506) 856-2742

Saint John

Kris Trotter
Lee Murphy-Nobbs

(506) 658-6789
(506) 658-6788

St. AndrewsJaclyn Muir(506)

Eliza Brown

(506) 325-4368