NBCC students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and be recognized with Community Leadership Certification that will include three courses:

Support - Engage. Participate. Reflect.

Introduced in 2014, this is a required course for all first year NBCC students. Participants will:

  • Engage in a short online course
  • Participate in a community service activity
  • Reflect on the course and activity to answer questions like "What positive impact did we make?What did I learn about myself and the organization?” and “Why is important to give back?"

Build – Learn. Commit. Change.

Coming this winter! Students looking to deepen their leadership learning will be able register in the first phase – Learn – during the fall term. Participants will:

  • Learn through online modules featuring local community leaders from across our province who will coach learners to find the leader within themselves and recognize how they can play a role to transform lives and communities.
  • Commit to a sustained engagement in a volunteer or leadership activity to create change within themselves and our communities.

Transform - Innovate. Mobilize. Sustain.

Participants will be innovative in creating new leadership solutions. They will demonstrate leadership by mobilizing other participants in support of this activity in sustainable solutions.